(haʊs əv)

The House of Sultan

About the Brand

Beit Sultan, Arabic for "House of Sultan" delivers a strong focus on simple yet powerful design, we are driven to create timeless work by portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely our own, while being constructed in the finest materials of solid gold, diamonds and precious stones.

Every piece is proudly made in the United Arab Emirates, with in-house highly skilled artisans and goldsmiths under the experience of generational knowledge.

Ethical standards, trusted suppliers and breadth of choice are our values. We take great care in confirming the provenance of materials, ensuring fair trade and environmental principles are upheld. To source our diamonds, we use the Kimberley Process compliant supply. We only ever want to improve this industry. Therefore we stand close to this process and aim to generate traction for all other precious gemstones for an ethical supply. We work with local organisations to source precious gemstones that comply with high ethical and conflict-free supply chains. 

Founder & Creative Director

Above all, Sultan captures his passion for fine jewellery, artistry and his qualifications in gemmology. Sultan delivers a unique perspective into his designs. With high attention to detail and by crafting each piece to a distinct form, his one-of-a-kind pieces are truly bespoke and made to add to his clients' unique personalities in the form of fine jewellery.

Sultan's values is to create art and jewellery using ethical and sustainable manners for our environment and future generations.


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